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Urban Training Center

Threat Management Group’s Urban Training Center (UTC) is situated on a 25 acre fenced in compound in Bowman, SC.  This facility is capable of hosting multiple training events simultaneously and is designed to allow clients to actually perform damage causing techniques typically not allowed on most training facilities or during home station training.

  • 9 separate training buildings
  • Over 63,000 square feet of training area
  • Progressive CQB training wings
  • UTM/Simmunition force-on-force / OPFOR training areas
  • Multiple classrooms that can accommodate from 20 – 300+ personnel
  • 11,500 sqft gymnasium / briefing hall
  • All classrooms are fully equipped with audio and visual capabilities
  • Basic Driving Track
  • GSA Level 5 armory
  • ARMAG for demolitions storage
  • Rated for on-site breaching operations (Explosive, Thermal and Mechanical)
  • Helicopter Landing Zones
  • Pro-Shop