Customers/Clients interested in procuring and utilizing an Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) should be aware that a safe and legal program entails multiple aspects aside from the actual UAS. TMG’s vetted process has helped both commercial organizations and Government agencies obtain Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approval to operate UAS in the National Airspace. What is often the most difficult aspect of establishing a new program is identifying the right personnel who understand the legal landscape and technical requirements mandated by the FAA.
Turn-Key UAS programs require significant planning and a logistical support plan that covers the entire life cycle of the UAS and support equipment. This plan must account for acquisition, operations and management, software/firmware updates, maintenance, sustainment, and a training plan for all personnel involved in the program.
While some agencies attempt to develop their program “in-house” to save money, the end result typically costs significantly more, in terms of man-hours spent, as personnel build their knowledge base and attempt to establish a support network in order to produce deliverables that may not be approved by the FAA. TMG gives our customers a competitive advantage in the UAS industry by providing them with FAA/UAS/COA SMEs who have successfully submitted multiple COA’s and Waivers that have been approved by the FAA.
Once tasked, we collaborate with our customers to determine their operational requirements and program goals. We use this information to create a scalable, holistic solution specific to our customer’s unique situation. Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) are included as part of this process, providing a framework for your team to follow once they are ready to take over.
Documentation Deliverables Include:
FAA COA or Part 107 waiver requests, filed on your behalf
Aircraft Registration Documentation
Standard Operating Procedures
Training & Standardization Program
Maintenance Program
Standardized Pre-Flight and Maintenance Checklists (aircraft specific)
Flight Log, Risk Assessment, and Flight Operations Brief