New Course Alert!

TMG is proud to announce a new line of training. The Special Operations Integration Course (SOIC) is designed to prepare conventional forces for Integration into a Special Forces Operational Detachment Alpha (SFODA) through rigorous training. This course tests the students both mentally and physically, providing the foundation to enhance combat survivability. For more information please email [email protected] or call (855) 297-9288.

Training/Product Video

TMG has posted a new training/product video on Check it out at:

New Training Package

TMG is proud to announce a new team building experience created for military and civilians starting this March. This unique opportunity includes both the SC CWP and Utah CFP, an overnight camp out and a full day of force on force utilizing our simulation rounds at TMG’s training facility. The first event is already at capacity, and the next is filling up quickly, so don’t wait to register.

We look forward to providing more of this course throughout the year. For more information please email [email protected]

CSD Update

CSD member in Libya conducting a training session.

TMG currently has two CSD members in Afghanistan providing instruction.  CSD also has one member in Libya conducting medial training and support (see photo).

CSD Update

The first CSD (formally OCG) member to lead TMG into Afghanistan has returned after a four month deployment. His insight and intel from the time in theater is priceless, and his professionalism has set a high standard. There was no better individual to lead the team into action.

A Trip to Afghanistan

Brandon Cox just returned from Afghanistan where he visited several locations across the country. His time there was spent with multiple EOD teams as well as the members of TMG’s Overseas Contingency Group (OCG). Currently, members of the OCG support various military units across the country and travel to provide life saving training.

Libya Update

The Libya Operation is making headway and TMG’s Medical Support is providing an added layer of safety.

OCG Updates (CSD)

In a bold move forward Threat Management Group’s Overseas Contingency Group (OCG) is tasking to Libya. TMG also has an official presence in the Middle East. OCG personnel are providing in theater C-IED and medical training, life support and security.

Overseas Contingency Group (Formally)

Threat Management Group has developed an Overseas Contingency Group (OCG). The new OCG is already on the move, currently surveying the Mediterranean and North Africa for life support. One of our elite members will also be deployed to Afghanistan this month.

To better capture the nature of this particular division, the name has been formally changed to Comprehensive Services Division.