Rise in Training: 2013

As 2013 nears an end, we would like to thank all of our customers for another successful year at TMG.  We have seen a 315% increase in the number of students we have trained at our SC Urban Training Center since last year and we have you to thank.  We appreciate your business and hope that you have a very Merry Christmas.

Canopy Control Course

Canopy Control 2013TMG recently concluded a Canopy Control (Parachute Instruction) Course for an elite unit from the USAF in Arizona. During the course, 24 top quality members of the enlisted and officer corp received expert parachute instruction from the best canopy control instructors in the world. TMG is honored to have been selected as the prime contractor to provide this high end training to a high end customer.


PSP Trip to Train Business Executives in Nebraska

This last week one of our PSP instructors conducted survival and tactics training in Nebraska for a large family owned corporation. Large companies with thousands of employees have growing security concerns, and are looking for the best way to protect their personnel in the event of a security breach or active shooter scenario. The training was provided to senior executives, to help develop tactical shooting and decision making skills that they can implement in the work place or while at home should they become a target. TMG is helping to set the ground work for safe handling of firearms in a high stress environment, should a situation arise needing an armed response to ensure the safety of employees, friends, or family. The focus of the training was to increase situational awareness and develop the proper mindset to survive in any hostile environment, to learn proper manipulation with a pistol while in close proximity to others, and to improve fighting skills and fundamentals with a pistol.