Personal Services Program [PSP]

TMG wrapped up another successful week in our Personal Services Program (PSP) with multiple high end clients, to include the executive staff of one of the largest builders in the south east.  In addition, one of our instructors has been performing skydiving operations in NC with a long term PSP client.  Our PSP customer base is expanding and is meeting the needs of various clientele across the spectrum.

Want to find out more?  Email [email protected] for more information.

TMG Welcomes New Member

TMG would like to welcome Mr. Larry Middlebrooks to the team.  He will be providing critical skills to one of our most valued customers in North Florida.

Registered Vendor for State of SC

TMG is now a registered vendor with the SC Procurement Office and is able to perform a myriad of contracts through the State of South Carolina.  Please contact [email protected] for more information.