OCG Updates (CSD)

In a bold move forward Threat Management Group’s Overseas Contingency Group (OCG) is tasking to Libya. TMG also has an official presence in the Middle East. OCG personnel are providing in theater C-IED and medical training, life support and security.

GSA Contract Awarded

Threat Management Group is excited to announce that it was awarded its first GSA Contract for products, services and consulting. Stay tuned for new ventures to come.

Executive Staff TDY

Members of our Executive Staff recently returned home from Virginia after several extended sessions of intense proposal writing and contract tightening for two new teaming agreements.

Overseas Contingency Group (Formally)

Threat Management Group has developed an Overseas Contingency Group (OCG). The new OCG is already on the move, currently surveying the Mediterranean and North Africa for life support. One of our elite members will also be deployed to Afghanistan this month.

To better capture the nature of this particular division, the name has been formally changed to Comprehensive Services Division.