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Executive Leadership

Threat Management Group’s executive leadership's management in its various defense initiatives is based upon our proven ability to design, develop, integrate, operate, and maintain current and up-to-date management programs, technology integration, and process improvement. We are proud of our heritage of providing customers with proven, yet continually evolving defense services to meet the unique needs of our ever-changing global environment. This expertise, combined with our resources, motivated and committed staff, and past performance, enables TMG to deliver a solution that will exceed the government’s expectations and requirements. Founded in 2004, Threat Management Group was created when several individuals met and came together while providing EOD support to the Ministry of the Interior in war-torn Iraq. With a constant focus on the value of the American taxpayers’ dollar, and realizing a strong need for a more efficient approach to providing quality services to government agencies, TMG set out to accomplish one goal: to be recognized by both peer agencies and clients as best value and industry leader for program management, services and training – period. TMG is an Equal Opportunity Employer; if you are interested in joining our team, please review our Careers page.

Executive Leadership Key Personnel

  • President/CEO
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • VP of Program Support
  • VP of Operations

Executive LeadershipBrandon Cox, President/CEO

Mr. Cox brings a wealth of leadership experience from a very diverse array of missions and operations. This experience was gained during his time spent in recent combat zones, while on various special missions, by participating in high threat protection details and during his career within the military. He has worked with the professionals in the United States Secret Service (USSS), Department of State (DOS), Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) and other foreign dignitary security details.

His work with the United States government included operations in North Korea, Australia, Europe, South West Asia, South East Asia and other hostile zones. He later utilized those experiences while performing high end, high threat security for a private military contracting firm in Iraq. It was during this dangerous period where he acquired a deep understanding of his clients and their needs for security, management and training.

While holding a GS-15 (O-6) equivalent position, he was responsible for performing Personal Security Detail (PSD) work as the Agent-In-Charge (AIC). He protected members of various intelligence agencies, US military VIPs and numerous diplomats. During these missions, Mr. Cox acted as the personal bodyguard for his clients while maintaining a sixteen man PSD Team as they traveled to locations of interest. Additionally, he was responsible for coordinating the offensive, defensive and security posturing of mobile Counter Radio Electronic Warfare (CREW), ground/air assets to ensure their safety in hostile environments. During his time as the AIC, his team never lost a principal or a team member.

Mr. Cox has led TMG’s global effort for almost a decade providing Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) to various military, foreign and civilian units in Europe, Asia, Malta, Libya and Afghanistan. Under his leadership, Threat Management Group has developed from a start-up company to the well branded corporation of today.

Mr. Cox is a graduate of the U.S. Naval School Explosive Ordnance Disposal (NAVSCOLEOD), U.S. Navy Dive School, U.S. DOS Worldwide Personal Protective Services as well as other certified DOD, DOS, DOE, DTRA and civilian courses. In addition to holding specialized training within multiple disciplines in the US government, Mr. Cox has conducted training operations in support of the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), Special Operations Command (SOCOM), Marine Corp Special Operations Command (MARSOC) and other elite military units.

Executive LeadershipMichael S. Wise, Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Mike Wise joined Threat Management Group in August 2012 as Chief Financial Officer. In this role, Mr. Wise is responsible for all financial activities, government contract pricing and compliance, and human resources.

Prior to joining Threat Management Group, Mr. Wise served as Chief Financial Officer for Lifecycle Construction Services of Fredericksburg, VA; a Hub Zone certified small business performing services as a general contractor on federal construction projects in the Southeast region.

Previously, Mr. Wise held key financial and operational leadership positions with A-T Solutions, Inc., a privately held defense contractor providing anti- and counter-terrorism training, services and products to government customers. From 2006 to 2010 he was responsible for all contracting and financial management activities as CFO. Under his direction, annual revenue grew from $17MM to over $100MM, when the company was acquired by a private equity firm. In 2010, Mr. Wise received a SmartCFO award from SMARTCEO Magazine of Washington D.C. for “projects and processes put in place that were instrumental in the company’s success”. From 2010-2011 he led the Mission Support Solutions Group at A-T Solutions, where he implemented procedures to manufacture and ship more than 20,000 counter-IED training devices and products annually.

Mr. Wise also served on active duty in the U.S. Navy, retiring at the rank of Commander after nearly 21 years of distinguished service. As a Supply Corps Officer, Mr. Wise provided U.S. operating forces with strategic leadership in support of forward deployed operations, including supply chain management, contracting, logistics, program funding and financial management.

Mr. Wise is an experienced financial manager with extensive government contracting expertise and in depth knowledge of Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR), Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) procedures, government pricing, and cost accounting policies and procedures.

Mr. Wise earned an MBA with honors from The Ohio State University and a B.A. in Finance from Seattle University. He is married to the former Mary Susan Vandenberg of Seattle, WA, and resides in Spotsylvania, VA with his family.

Executive LeadershipDerek Singleton, VP of Program Support

Derek Singleton, Vice President of Program Support, brings over three decades of combined Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) and Executive Leadership to Threat Management Group.

Highlights of his career include direct support of various nuclear weapon systems, aircraft recoveries, Presidential protection details, missing in action (MIA) recovery and numerous national level events. He has also led and managed multi-service and federal, state and local law enforcement training for comprehensive Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) exercises and new technology demonstrations. In addition, he played a major role in the development and testing of the first procedures used to defeat large vehicle IEDs after the bombing of Khobar Towers.

Mr. Singleton joined TMG in 2006 as the first civilian contractor at the operations level. He managed EOD training programs for teams deploying to Iraq and Afghanistan to combat the IED threat. Under his leadership, the program has expanded to support EOD units worldwide. He is a certified Federal Explosives Specialist by the Department of Homeland Security, holds a Blaster’s License and is also certified in Hazardous Waste Operations Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) and Confined Space Entry and Rescue.

Mr. Singleton is responsible for maintaining our Program Support division. This includes supervision of our program support team as well as sustaining our Top Secret Clearance and business accreditations for training, facilities and program management. The Program Support division manages large-scale CONUS and OCONUS programs.  These programs include the global staffing for the USAF C-IED initiative, the mandatory EOD pre-deployment course, Federal Security Services and other extensive government contracts.

Luke RykerLuke Ryker, VP of Operations

Mr. Ryker’s Active Duty career began in the late 90’s where he executed a wide variety of operations including multiple combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.  As Team Leader, he coordinated convoy security operations and directed incident site security of large, hostile locations.  His leadership abilities earned him various medals including the Bronze Star and Combat Action Medal.

In later operations he supported the United States Secret Service and the Department of State to secure both U.S. and foreign dignitaries.  He also led a team of evaluators where he managed security assessments and evaluations for a United States Air Force nuclear storage facility. After his honorable discharge from Active Duty in late 2008, he continued his civilian career as a certified instructor at the US Naval School Explosive Ordnance Disposal (NAVSCOLEOD) and later at the Security Forces Regional Training Center.

As TMG’s Lead Integrator he trained 3000+ Security Forces personnel prior to their deployment into Iraq, Afghanistan and other hostile locations.  Students received training in advanced site security techniques as well as combat marksmanship, convoy security and were introduced to Counter Improvised Explosive Device (CIED) Tactics, Techniques and Procedures.  Mr. Ryker’s exemplary work led him to be recognized by the US government Program Manager as the Lead Subject Matter Expert and his training program declared to be the model program other sites were mirrored after.

Mr. Ryker’s professionalism in the execution of life saving training garnered multiple promotions and his move to TMG’s Corporate HQ in South Carolina.  He now heads Threat Management Group’s Threat Products™ and Threat Services™ Divisions as the Vice President of Operations.

Under his management and leadership, Threat Products™ and Threat Services™ have expanded both in revenue and scope to include Private Security Details, Government Facility Security, Tactical Training, Overseas Operations, a unique Product Line, HUMINT missions, Aerial Intelligence and Special Projects.